Surface and Orbit Authority

What the hell is going on here, anyways?

This is a bit of an experiment.

I’m a long-time player of the Agora nomic, which is a game about rules. Agora gave me an interesting perspective on how to run group activities - one quite different from the casual dictatorship approach often used for guilds, private servers, and other online activities.

I’m also a fan of Space Engineers.

So I thought I’d apply one to the other and see what happened.

My intentions with this project are to experiment with a community-run Space Engineers server & community. I’ve - freely, for now - donated my own time and money to give it a place to exist in, and taken a bunch of actions outside of The Charter to bring it to life. However, I’m just one person: this can only work if other people participate in it.

With that in mind, here’s my initial agenda:

  • Bootstrap the website, Discord server, and forums. (This is done, as of this post.)
  • Bootstrap the organization, by joining it and becoming its Chair. (This is in progress.)
  • Create a Space Engineers server, so that the members have somewhere to play.
  • Start retrofitting the forums, Discord server, website, and SE server into the framework of the Charter by putting forwards proposals that create the responsibilities and powers needed to do so - collectively, with you, hopefully.

I hope you’ll join me.


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I’ve created a server at I’ve got it turned off overnight, so that I can set it up in the morning, but step 3 is in progress now, too.

My name is SurprisingEdge (I’ll accept “Surp” for short) and I go by “he”/“him”.
I join SOA, and agree to abide by the Charter.

Not sure if this is the right thread for that or not :man_shrugging: I’ve never been in a nomic before, but this sounds fun.

I borrowed Agora’s convention of a separate “discussion” and “business” list - but that’s not really rigid. Have a look in the “Business” category.

I’ll get the server up this afternoon, one way or another.

Oh, I see those tags now. I’ve never used discourse, I get it now. :slight_smile: