Surface and Orbit Authority

Stepping Back

Hi folks.

The time has come for me to step away from this project. At the end of February, I intend to withdraw from the Surface & Orbit Authority, if someone steps up to operate it, or to shut the organization down for the time being otherwise. I’ve very much enjoyed this project, even as it’s gone in fits and starts. I’ve met interesting people, and I’ve learned a bunch of things in the process. I consider this project to be a success. However, it also ties up resources I would like to put into other things.

If someone wants to take over, I’m happy to hand off the organization’s resources, including the save file, various domain names, and various service provider accounts and to assist with the transition, on the condition that I am able to step aside entirely afterwards. A proposal or a vote to appoint a new chair and a new space master is a trivial thing to run. The services involved, less so, but it’s manageable.

Otherwise, towards the end of February, I’ll put forward a proposal containing the necessary pieces to wind down the organization, shut down the server, and publish the save on these forums. At the end of March, I’ll shutter the forums and Discord server as well.

I’m open to suggestions. These plans are not final - they’re just the best I have right now. If you have an interest, speak up and let’s work it out.

Thanks for playing.

We’re in the Otherwise case. I’ve repealed the Charter and shut down the server.

The final save is available here. Enjoy! I’ll shut these forums and the Discord group down at the end of March.