Surface and Orbit Authority

Resigning (Hopefully Temporary)

I withdraw my membership from SOA as of this post.

My connection to the virtual world will be cut off in a couple of days. I will be able to check in on the forums periodically but at this point I don’t know how often. If all goes well, I will be back in a couple of months. I mainly didn’t want to slow things down here during my absence.

Sorry to see you go, but best of luck with everything, and hopefully we’ll see you again at some point. :wave:

Thanks for doing this. It’s the right call. I’m obviously sad to see you stepping back, but you’ll be very welcome back when circumstances allow.

Until then, I hope life carries you well!

(Your vote on re-enabling Easy Inventory stands, and you can even still change it. You were a member at the start of the voting period.)