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Request: trial some mods

Hey all,

As per some of the discussion here and on Discord, I’d like to request that the following mods be installed as a trial to making them official mods.

There isn’t currently any process for how we agree to install mods other than making them official mods by proposal, but Derspiny has made it clear that the Charter intentionally allows for mods other than the official to be installed. My thought is to make this request here to Derspiny, and if nobody objects in a reasonable amount of time (I’ll leave that up to Derspiny) then go for it?

Woof’s suggestions from the “Technological Upgrade” proposal:
Hangar Gates
Rotor Variety
Armor Ramp Compendium
Airlock Block

My additional suggestions:
Even Rarer “Normal” Meteor Showers (3.75-7.5x less frequent. There’s yet another mod from the same author that makes them happen at most once a week.)
OCD - Compact Tanks - V2 balanced - 2 New tanks

I agree with all of this, especially those smaller tanks, hell yaaaassss!

How do we roll back if we decide something doesn’t work? I am mainly thinking of mods that add blocks. If I incorporate a hanger in my build but then we decide the server load is to much (or something) how do we go back? Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of trying things out.

I had this same problem when I was running a server for another game with mods for a very small group.

Any idea what the game does with those grids if a mod block is missing? Does the whole grid get deleted, or just those blocks?

I think we have the same problem with any mod blocks, whether official or not. It’s just more likely with unofficial. We can each decide whether the risk is too high and decide whether or not to use the mod blocks.

In the example of my small server I just told the other three individuals that we were working on designing a mod pack and that the next few weeks were for testing mods. Once we settled on a set of mods the idea was that we would start a fresh play-through and things wouldn’t change for several months.

That is just one possible approach. I don’t exactly think it works in this context.

It is probably OK to go forward with a mod if one or more of the members has experience with it or if it is a well known trusted mod and there is little chance that we will want to remove it.

I’m broadly on board with this request, but I’m glad it’s a discussion. Just because I deliberately left the option of installing non-official mods open (and it was deliberate) doesn’t mean I think I have free reign to do so at will.

At this point, with the Technological Upgrades proposal only a couple of days from reaching resolution anyways, I’m not planning on adding mods pre-emptively. If that proposal fails, and for the mods @SurprisingEdge listed, I’m more open to installing them on a trial basis once the current round of voting is closed.

Any idea what the game does with those grids if a mod block is missing? Does the whole grid get deleted, or just those blocks?

Just those blocks, as I understand it, but it’s worth testing. I’ll do that tonight.

How do we roll back if we decide something doesn’t work?

I would be strongly inclined to time-box any experiments of this nature, and remove the mods at the end of it. Since this may mean that grids are damaged or even rendered entirely inoperable, it’s something I’d want to communicate very clearly, and likely include in the MOTD to keep everyone on the same page. Nothing sucks like building something complicated only to have it split in two because of an admin decision you weren’t aware was coming.

Does that sound sufficient, or is there more to do?

The nice thing about the proposal process is that it fully avoids the question by making the entire decision process explicit. The tradeoff is that it’s slow, because coordinating people is always slow.

I think this would be adequate.

I’m happy with deciding how to do this on a per-mod basis too. If the mods in question have been vetted for multiplayer already, and there’s little reason to suspect they would cause stability issues, then making them official seems alright. If there’s more question about them though, I like the time-box idea.