Surface and Orbit Authority


Alright, I think it’s time to get serious about advertising the server and recruiting some more players. We’ve got the worst performance issues we had under control (thanks largely to Torch - concealment was a huge win) and I think we’re in a good place for bringing in new players.

What are some good places to advertise? Off the top of my head, I’ve got

  • r/spaceengineers
  • The Keen forums and discord

which might be enough, but I’m interested in other suggestions.

How often should we advertise? Weekly seems like a good cadence to me - somewhere between “often enough to stay visible” and “not so often as to be annoying” - but I’ve never done this before.

What are the things we should say when we advertise? What sets us apart? I’ve got a few points:

  • We’re welcoming and friendly
  • We have involved administrators with a clear and consistent policy
  • The specifics of our mod list & play style might be a differentiator

I’d like more to say, though.