Surface and Orbit Authority

Proposal: Technological Upgrade

Hi space-peeps,

This is my first proposal, so bear with me if formatting is borked, I’ll fix later today if so! As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome :grinning:

Anyway, there’s a few mods I’d like to see on the server, which I’ve been using in singleplayer for ages now and feel like they’d be a great addition. I’ll explain my reasoning here before putting them into proposal format.

Hangar Gates: This one is indispensable for making hangars with an entry larger than four blocks tall or wide. Hangars are quite important for protecting ships from damage by meteors and pirates, and it’d be nice to do away with the fiddly size constraints!

Rotor Variety: This adds more types of rotors, the most interesting being one you can walk through the centre of as it’s spinning! This allows for construction of the very sci-fi centrifugal rings, as well as opening up many other design options.

Armor Ramp Compendium: The vanilla ramp blocks are too steep for making nicely streamlined ships, this pack adds more opportunities for building fancy fancy ships.

Airlock Block: Just a basic airlock that can’t be accidentally opened at both ends, leading to all the air escaping your ship and the gruesome death of all aboard. I’d like less gruesome death please!

I submit the following proposal:

Title: Technological Upgrade
Adoption Index: 1.0

Add the following rule to the end of article 9 (“Servers”):

Technological Upgrade

The mod “Hangar Gates”, with a modID of 438226588, is an official mod.

The mod “Rotor Variety”, with a modID of 1294456467, is an official mod.

The mod “Armor Ramp Compendium”, with a modID of 1581994759, is an official mod.

The mod “Airlock Block”, with a modID of 643820962, is an official mod.

Thanks for submitting this. Those most all look pretty useful.

If I’ve understood the server part of the charter correctly, official mods are requred to be installed, but the Space Master may install any other mod? (Assuming the charter didn’t forbid certain mods, which it doesn’t currently.)

I like the idea of trying all the mods you listed. Perhaps we could try them out for a while, make sure they work well in multiplayer, before making them official/required?

That’s what I intended when I wrote it, and how I’m interpreting it, at least.

Woof, this is fantastic. Thanks for submitting it - I’ll give it a day or so in case you want to make edits or change your mind, and then I’ll distribute it.

Thanks for the feedback, I must admit I wasn’t really sure how to do the official wording, so I copied a previous post.

Would it be worth considering a formal mod adoption process, wherein people can suggest mods to be added as I’ve done, if no-one objects they can be added for a trial period, and then if there are no objections or problems with the mods by the end of the trial, they become official.

I see this proposal is up for vote. Have we considered installing them without making them official first? Do we know if they’re stable in multiplayer? We’ve been having enough server issues lately I’m reluctant to make mods official without testing them. If we have problems, then technically we need another proposal to disable the mods to see if it fixes the problems. That seems like a lot of administrative overhead.

Since I was fiddling around with the server & save file information this evening anyways, I took a few minutes and tested out these mods. They appear stable to superficial testing - I loaded them up in a local server and was able to place all of the modded blocks, although I didn’t test their operation too closely. I also tested the additional mods you listed in the mod request thread that’s up right now, and they look functional too. I didn’t test long enough to verify that the rarer meteor storms mod was working as intended, but I did run the server long enough to observe that meteor storms were not happening on the default schedule.