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Proposal: Slightly Harder Inventory

This week’s Space Engineers release includes a feature called Build Planner. This feature is explicitly and directly inspired by the Easy Inventory mod, which we have installed on the official server, and provides a richer set of tools than EI does:

  • Like Easy Inventory, Build Planner allows you to hold a block in your hand and right-click a cargo container to transfer the parts for that block to your inventory, or ctrl-right click to transfer components for multiple copies of the block.

  • Additionally, you can queue the parts for an incomplete block in the world by right-clicking the block with a welder. When you next transfer components from cargo, the components for that block will be moved to your inventory.

  • You can middle-click on blocks in the G menu to queue them up, then pick up all components for all queued blocks from a cargo container in one click.

  • Unlike Easy Inventory, Build Planner also includes buttons on the inventory UI to drive this feature.

As such, Easy Inventory is now largely redundant.

I submit the following proposal:

Title: Slightly Harder Inventory
Adoption Index: 1.0

Amend rule 9.14 (“Quality of Life”) by removing the table row for Easy Inventory (with a Mod ID of 646796262).

Instruct the Space Master to remove the Easy Inventory mod from the official server.

Let’s try streamlining voting a little. Vote in this thread by posting a message with your vote (and enough other text to get past the minimum length filter).

I distribute the proposal above and initiate the decision into whether to adopt it. The voting method is adoption majoirty. Valid options are FOR or AGAINST (or PRESENT, which counts towards quorum but does not affect the result). Quorum on this decision is 3.

I vote FOR this proposal.

I vote FOR this proposal, and am also in favour of the streamlined voting.

I for FOR this proposal.

and more texty text.

I vote FOR the proposal, though I have been having trouble withdrawing components with the build planner. It keeps telling me they’re not available, but then easy inventory retrieves them fine. I dunno what’s up with that.

By experiment, it does that when none of the visible inventories have the parts for the target block. Show all connected inventories and it sorts itself out.

Is that a good behaviour? I’m not convinced.

Slightly late on the draw, here. Voting actually closed Jun 15th, but I’ve been a little distracted.

I resolve the decision to adopt the following proposal:

Proposal Quorum FOR AGAINST PRESENT F/A AI Outcome
Slightly Harder Inventory 3 4 0 0 Unanimous 1.0 ADOPTED

The published Charter has been updated to match. I’ll remove the mod from the server shortly. (Edit: done.)