Surface and Orbit Authority

Proposal: Remove BlockInfo

Hi folks.

@Canderthal has been receiving a lot of warnings about the performance of the BlockInfo mod, specifically, and we’ve been having general server performance issues. In the spirit of investigation, I’d like to remove that mod from the official mods list, so that I can also remove it from the server.

I submit the following proposal:

Title: Remove BlockInfo
Adoption Index: 1.0

Amend article 9.13 (“Quality of Life”) by removing the entry for “BuildInfo (extra block&terminal info, air leak finder)” from the table.

I vote for removal of this mod

I vote for the proposal.

I defer to the experts and vote for this proposal.

I’ll note that those votes are formally ineffective, since the voting hadn’t actually started. However, given the number of people who wanted to vote this way, should we find a way to have that? I’d be up for de-engineering some of the voting mechanics, or allowing provisional votes in proposal submissions that carry over to the actual called vote.

I do like having a single point of contact each week for outstanding proposals, as it makes it a lot easier to follow what’s going on, but it’s also pretty clunky.