Surface and Orbit Authority

Proposal: Game Lifecycle

I submit the following proposal to give us a way to end the game when we feel it appropriate, and start a new one:

Title: SOA Got Game
Adoption Index: 2.0

Add the sections to the end of the article titled “Servers”:

The Game Author

The Game Author is an office, responsible for creating a new game for the purposes of Starting a Game.

The Game Author’s duties include:

  1. Providing the Space Master with a save game file and, optionally, any server configuration parameters not defined by the Official Configuration.

  2. Verifying that the Official Server is successfully running as their authoring intended, and any communication/coordination with the Space Master necessary to accomplish this.

  3. Sending a public message declaring that the game has been started. The Game Author implicitly vacates the office by doing this.

Two weeks after the election, the Game Author resigns. If the duties have not all been fulfilled, a new election for Game Author is initiated.

Ending a Game

This article has a power of 2.

When any member desires to end the game, they must send a public message that clearly identifies the Official Server, and that they would like to end the game. Members then vote on ending the game. Votes “FOR” are votes for ending the game. Votes “AGAINST” are votes to continue the game. This decision has an adoption index of 1

If the vote outcome is “FOR”, then a Game Author is elected. No immediate changes are made to the Official Server, unless otherwise specified.

Title: Space Master Additional Duties

Add these weekly duties of the Space Master office:

If any member has declared that they desire to end the game, the Space Master is responsible for the Decision & Voting process.

Title: Allowable Mutations

Modify the “Continuity” section of the “Space Master” to read (without emphasis):

The Space Master must take all steps necessary to ensure that the data created by the official server is protected from accidental deletion or modification, and may only deliberately modify or delete the official server’s data if they publicly announce an intent to do so between three and 14 days earlier, unless the modification is performed through ordinary gameplay, or is allowed by another rule with an equal (or greater) power.

(Emphasis included only to identify the intended change.)