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Proposal: Four-Day Voting

I think our voting period might be a little on the long side. It’s based around some initial assumptions I made regarding how long it’d take people to notice and respond to threads, and how long would be reasonable to allow people to continue to vote. However, we’re consistently done with the substantial part of adopting or rejecting changes much faster than I guessed we would be.

Here’s a breakdown of the time between the open of voting and the last ballot cast, in every proposal adoption thread to date:

Proposal Thread Last Vote After…
Slightly Harder Inventory 2 days
The Great Smoothening 2 days (closed early)
No Armor Ramps 2 days
Meteor Bakeoff &c 1 day
Space Master 2.0 &c 5 days
Operation Protection &c 1 day (closed early)
The Rising Menace &c 3 days
Official Servers revision 1 &c 1 day

Based on that, I think we can drop the voting time from seven days to four, in favour of being able to move changes through sooner once we’ve reached agreement.

I have a bit of an ulterior motive for this, as well: shortening the voting time will make it easier to pass some of the reforms I talked about in my Three Months of SOA thread. I’ve got a couple of drafts on deck intended to address those points, although I’m holding off while we sort out what we want to do about sim speed.

I submit the following proposal:

Title: Four-Day Voting
Adoption Index: 3.0

Amend rule 6.3 (“Initiating Decisions”) by replacing

The voting period lasts for 7 days.


The voting period lasts for four days.

I distribute this proposal and initiate the decision into whether to adopt it. The voting method is adoption majoirty. Valid options are FOR or AGAINST (or PRESENT, which counts towards quorum but does not affect the result).

The eligible electors are:

Quorum on this decision is 3.

I vote FOR the proposal.

(Edit: wow, did you shorten the minimum post length? :wink: it let me post without any extra junk added.)


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Sounds good to me, I vote for this proposal.

I vote FOR as well - seems I forgot to actually vote!

I vote FOR the proposal.

I vote to approve this proposal

I end the voting early, as all voting members have cast ballots.

I resolve the decisions to adopt the following proposals:

Proposal Quorum FOR AGAINST PRESENT F/A AI Outcome
Four-Day Voting 3 5 0 0 Unanimous 1.0 ADOPTED

The published Charter has been updated to match.