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Proposal & Emergency Distribution: Armor Ramp Compendium is busted

Hi folks,

The “Armor Ramp Compendium” mod, installed as part of the proposals resolved today, does not work on our dedicated server. It worked fine in testing locally, but attempting to start the server with this mod produces the following crash:

019-04-21 01:26:18.756 - Thread:  17 ->  Loading voxel storage from file 'C:\Pingperfect\Users\owenj1\210755\Content\VoxelMaps\Asteroid512-009.vx2'
2019-04-21 01:26:18.901 - Thread:   1 ->        Exception while loading world: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: path1
2019-04-21 01:26:18.902 - Thread:   1 ->           at System.IO.Path.Combine(String path1, String path2)
   at VRage.Game.MyModContext.Init(ModItem modItem)
   at Sandbox.Game.World.MyScriptManager.LoadData()
   at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.PrepareBaseSession(MyObjectBuilder_Checkpoint checkpoint, MyObjectBuilder_Sector sector)
   at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.Load(String sessionPath, MyObjectBuilder_Checkpoint checkpoint, UInt64 checkpointSizeInBytes, Boolean saveLastStates, Boolean allowXml)
   at Sandbox.MySandboxGame.InitQuickLaunch()
2019-04-21 01:26:18.903 - Thread:   1 ->     MySandboxGame.Initialize() - END

(Don’t be fooled by the preceding line, that voxel is innocent. I tested by removing it. Removing the mod fixes the problem; removing the voxel data does not.)

As such, I submit the following proposal:

Title: No Armor Ramps
Adoption Index: 1.0

Amend article 9.19 (“Technological Upgrade”) by removing the paragraph

The mod “Armor Ramp Compendium”, with a modID of 1581994759, is an official mod.

Quick Space Master note: I’ve removed that mod from the server’s mod list. We are currently not running the official configuration, although I believe this is the only deviation. I assume you would prefer a running server and a good-faith effort to sort the problem out over a defunct server that strictly complies. :wink:

As this is urgent, I initiate the decision to adopt this proposal. The voting method is Adoption Majority, and the quorum is 3. Please reply with FOR, AGAINST, or PRESENT in this thread.

@SurprisingEdge, you get one (1) free “I told you so” for correctly predicting this risk.

And more characters for the 20 char minimum, lol

I vote for no armor ramps.

Yep, bin it if it’s being a butt!

I’m voting for this.

Armour Ramps, I’m very disappointed in you :frowning_face:

I resolve the decisions to adopt the following proposals:

Proposal Quorum FOR AGAINST PRESENT F/A AI Outcome
No Armor Ramps 3 3 0 0 Unanimous 1.0 ADOPTED

The published Charter has been updated to match. No server changes this time - as above, I’d already applied this change last week.