Surface and Orbit Authority

Proposal Distribution & Voting (May 8th, 2019)

I distribute the following proposals, and initiate the decision to adopt each one. For each of these decisions, the voting method is Adoption Majority, and quorum is 3.

Title Author Adoption Index
The Great Smoothening @derspiny 4.0
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I vote FOR/AGAINST The Great Smoothening.

The text of each proposal is included below.

The Great Smoothening

Title: The Great Smoothening
Adoption Index: 4.0

Amend rule 2.4 (“Precedence Between Articles”) by changing its title to “Precedence Between Instruments”, and by replacing its text with the following:

In a conflict between instruments, the conflict shall be resolved as follows:

  1. If the instruments in conflict have unequal power, the instrument with the highest power takes precedence;

  2. Otherwise, of the instruments involved which are articles of this Charter, the article appearing earliest in the Charter takes predecence;

  3. Otherwise, the instrument adopted first takes precedence.

No change to this Charter can occur that would cause an article to directly claim precedence over this rule as a means of determining precedence. This rule takes precedence over any article that would permit such a change to this Charter.

Amend rule 5.3 (“Official Duties”) by appending the following paragraph:

An instrument can, as part of its effect, instruct an officer to take one or more actions. The officer must perform the actions in a timely fashion, once and only once per instruction, in the order the instructions appear in the instrument. The officer should publicly announce that the instructions have been completed after taking action.

Instruct the Space Master to create a backup of the game data.

Instruct the Space Master to remove the following categories of grids from the game:

  1. Grids belonging to players who have not logged in in two or more weeks,
  2. Grids more than 45,000 km from the Earth-like planet,
  3. All grids belonging to NPCs which are further than 1,000m from a player-owned grid, and
  4. Grids which, at the Space Master’s discretion, appear to be abandoned debris on the surface of any planet.

Instruct the Space Master to smooth the game’s voxels, by the following procedure:

  1. Apply the following voxel cleanup settings to the game,

    Setting Value
    Revert voxel materials yes
    Revert asteroids yes
    Revert with floating objects present yes
    Distance from player 0 m
    Distance from grid 100 m
    Voxel age 1 min
  2. Observe an unoccupied area until the game removes voxel modifications,

  3. Restore the trash removal settings to their original values,

  4. Inspect two or more static grids on planets or asteroids to determine if they have been rendered inaccessible or unusable by this process, and

  5. Restore the most recent backup if and only if a grid has been rendered inaccessible.

I vote FOR The Great Smoothening.

Quick Space Master note: I’m on the road for business next week through to Friday. If we adopt this, I’ll apply the changes on the weekend of the 19th, as soon as I can, but it’ll be delayed past the close of voting by a few days. Thanks for your patience, and if anyone wants to meet up for a pint, I’ll be in Berkeley somewhere.

I vote FOR The Great Smoothening.

@derspiny, Thanks again for all of the effort and thought that went into this one.

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I vote FOR The Great Smoothening.

Stupid voxels won’t know what hit them!

I vote FOR The Great Smoothening.

I vote for the great smoothening

I vote FOR The Great Smoothening

Nice first post @XanderSae and welcome to the forums. :+1:

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Welcome, @XanderSae!

I end the voting early, as all voting members have cast ballots. XanderSae - as you were not a member at the time we opened the vote, your ballot was not counted, but the spirit of support is very much appreciated. Throw a quick note in this thread to become a member and gain the ability to vote in future matters - I’d love to have you represented, personally.

I resolve the decisions to adopt the following proposals:

Proposal Quorum FOR AGAINST PRESENT F/A AI Outcome
The Great Smoothening 3 5 0 0 Unanimous 4.0 ADOPTED

The published Charter has been updated to match.

This is going to take a bit of doing to get right. I’ll get started on the server in a few minutes - it appears that things are quiet right now. While I’m working, treat any construction as possibly-temporary, because if I have to revert to backups, it’ll be lost. I’ll leave a note in the MOTD to that effect.

The work to smooth the server is finished, and the server is back up and running.

As a data point, the data for the Earth-Like Planet went from 149 MiB to 12.24 MiB. This should make logging in a lot less painful. Other populated planets underwent similar shrinkage.

You sir are my hero! Logging in went from ~8 minutes to ~30 seconds! THANK YOU!

Space Master note: I restored one grid from backup for ValHallas - turns out it wasn’t wreckage.