Surface and Orbit Authority

Proposal Distribution & Voting (April 12th, 2019)

I distribute the following proposals, and initiate the decision to adopt each one. For each of these decisions, the voting method is Adoption Majority, and quorum is 3.

Title Author Adoption Index
Technological Upgrade @Woofski 1.0
Space Master 2.0 @derspiny 1.0
Blanket ballot template
I vote FOR/AGAINST the following proposals:

* Technological Upgrade
* Space Master 2.0

The text of each proposal is included below.

Technological Upgrade

Title: Technological Upgrade
Adoption Index: 1.0

Add the following rule to the end of article 9 (“Servers”):

Technological Upgrade

The mod “Hangar Gates”, with a modID of 438226588, is an official mod.

The mod “Rotor Variety 1”, with a modID of 1294456467, is an official mod.

The mod “Armor Ramp Compendium 1”, with a modID of 1581994759, is an official mod.

The mod “Airlock Block 1”, with a modID of 643820962, is an official mod.

Space Master 2.0

Title: Space Master 2.0
Adoption Index: 1.0

Repeal rule 9.3 (“Continuity”).

Append the following text paragraphs to the end of rule 9.2 (“The Official Server”):

The Space Master must take all steps necessary to ensure that the data created by the official server is protected from accidental deletion or modification.

The Space Master may only deliberately view, modify, or delete the official server’s data through ordinary gameplay, to implement adopted proposals, or to address non-gameplay-related technical issues. If the Space Master makes a deliberate modification to address a non-gameplay-related technical issue, they must publish a complete description of their changes, and their rationale for them within a day.

Information about the state of the game on an official server, other than information stored in the server’s configuration files or information included in the server’s log files, is game information. Persons must not disclose game information to a person who would not otherwise be aware of that information, unless it is information the recipient would be aware of through ordinary gameplay, or unless it is information the disclosing person is required by this Charter to disclose.

I vote FOR Space Master 2.0.

I vote FOR Technological Upgrade.

I vote FOR the following proposals:

  • Technological Upgrade
  • Space Master 2.0

I’m holding off on voting for now. I have some questions/concerns that I’ve mentioned on the respective proposal threads:

I withdraw my vote on Space Master 2.0 and vote AGAINST it instead. Nice catch, @SurprisingEdge.

I vote present on Technological Upgrade proposal.
I vote against the Space Master 2.0 proposal.

I vote AGAINST on Space Master 2.0.

I vote PRESENT on Technological Upgrade.

I resolve the decisions to adopt the following proposals:

Proposal Quorum FOR AGAINST PRESENT F/A AI Outcome
Technological Upgrade 3 2 0 2 Unanimous 1.0 ADOPTED
Space Master 2.0 3 1 3 0 0.33 1.0 REJECTED

The published Charter has been updated to match.