Surface and Orbit Authority

Introductions (in spaaaaaace!)

Hi there!

I noticed there was no thread for new people to introduce themselves, so I thought I’d create one.

I’ll get the ball rolling:

I’m Woofski, or Woof, my preferred pronouns are “he”, “him”, etc, but I don’t mind being called anything else.

I hereby join the SOA, and agree to abide by it’s charter.

I’m a Space Engineers veteran, with experience in large-scale construction. I’ve previously uploaded some of my older designs to the Steam Workshop, but have created a lot more since then that I haven’t gotten around to uploading.

I found the SOA because of the recent Reddit post, and really like the idea behind it.

I’m normally available in game from 8pm GMT on weekdays, and at various times at the weekend. Out of the game, my availability varies depending on how busy my job is!

I’m really hoping this community takes off, and I look forward to taking an active part in it :smile:


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Hello! Welcome! I suppose times of day would have been a good idea to post, as well.

I’m derspiny, I’m a he, and I’m available around many days from around 10pm UTC during the week, and more or less at random on weekends.

Hi Woofski! Great idea, and introductions thread.

I’m SurprisingEdge, (or “Surp” for short) and I go by “he”/“him”.

I join SOA, and agree to abide by the Charter.

I’ve never been in a nomic before, but this sounds fun. I’ve played Space Engineers on and off for a few years, done some refinery/assembler management scripts (like TIM but lighter), crashed a lot of ships. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I’m around, which will be spotty, it’ll likely be between 6pm and 10pm Pacific time Mon-Fri, or 8am-10pm weekends.

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Hey everyone! I am glad I found this group. Thank you derspiny for putting the idea out there and spinning up this experiment.

My Steam id is echo0010. On the radio I go by ‘echo’. I am a him. I am in the Pacific time zone and play mostly in the evenings depending on my workload.

I just started with Space Engineers. I have less than 20 hours logged. I am a programmer by trade. I am interested in figuring out how the scripting works and trying to build automated systems inside of the simulation. I am also a longtime modded Minecraft player. My focus with that was playing with how in architecture form follows function. I am interested in figuring out how that might play in this environment.

I could tell right off that space is vast, lonely and very boring alone and that I would need to find a community. Like I said in the discord channel, the community governed concept closely parallels an idea I had a few years back for a charter that a number of server founders would agree to. Though, this framework is much more thought out and robust.

I hope to meet you all in-game soon and see what we can build together.

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I hear by join the SOA and agree to abide by its charter as long as I am a member.

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