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Draft Proposal: Limited Speedy Resolution

Hi folks,

In Discord, a few of us were talking about the pacing of decisions and the possibility of resolving decisions faster when it is safe to do so. The pacing in the Charter is based on another game’s pace, which in turn is based on assumptions appropriate to that game, like the use of email, and that it’s okay for things to take seven to fourteen days to resolve. Those assumptions don’t necessarily hold here: for example, with four of us, we were able to come to consensus on the Official Servers proposal within two days of the start of voting, even though the voting period is seven days long. (I’ll resolve that decision tomorrow, when the seven day window expires.)

We spent some time discussing a few options, including allowing voting to end early if everyone has voted, or allowing voting to end early if the vote is unanimous. The option that felt most likely to protect us from rushed decisions while still allowing fast decisions, after some conversation, was allowing voting to end early, for proposals specifically, if all voters have voted and there are no votes AGAINST.

I believe this draft implements that intention. I’m hoping to include it in the next round of proposals, along with The Rising Menace, but if there’s feedback that I should address I’ll hold the proposal back.

Thanks to @SurprisingEdge and @David_s for their help refining this.

Title: Limited Speedy Resolution
Adoption Index: 3.0

Amend article 6.5 (“Casting Votes”) by prepending the following paragraph:

A person is an eligible voter on a decision if, at the initiation of the decision, they are a member in good standing.

And by replacing item 3 in the list of conditions with

The person is an eligible voter;

Amend article 6.9 (“Adoption Majority”) by appending the following paragraph:

The vote collector for an Adoption Majority decision can end voting early by announcement, if every eligible voter has a valid ballot for that decision, and if there are no votes AGAINST.

Amend article 6.6 (“Resolving Decisions”) by item 1 in the list of conditions with

It is published after the voting period has ended, or after the vote has been ended early;

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I like it! Thanks a lot for writing it up.

The only change I would suggest is a small consistency thing:

Reading over the existing article, it doesn’t use “voting” on it’s own (except in 6.1.2), but uses “voting period”, but I think it would be fine to use “voting” in both the above quotes. (Replacing “the vote” in the 2nd one.)

Thank you @derspiny for all the work. This looks good to me.