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Disable or scale-back meteors?

So I was thinking. Originally, without NPCs, the meteor storms added a level of challenge by giving something to defend against. With the NPCs now, the meteor storms seem like more of a nuisance than something to actually worry about. In addition, they make a mess of the terrain, making ground vehicles almost useless, and probably not doing any favours for performance either.

I know they’re already at their lowest setting, but I think there may be mods that allow making them smaller and/or even less frequent? If not, I’d be up for just turning them off entirely. The downside is it removes the only source of platinum and uranium on the planet surface, but the amounts were so minuscule that I’m entirely ok with that.


It does appear that mods can affect meteor rates. While that mod has other features as well, it might be practical to create the mod we need.

Hmm, I just found these, which look even better, I think: Rarer “Normal” Meteor Showers Even Rarer “Normal” Meteor Showers

Also this, same author, not sure why it specifically mentions “Dedicated Server”: Rare Dedicated Server Meteor Showers

I am in favor of this for the reasons provided by @SurprisingEdge. In fact I think we should go ahead and turn them off for now.

It is an element to design for in space that adds some interest but overall the cons outweigh that I think.

If a mod had very rare but very dangerous showers with a decent source of rare ore then I might be interested. When I say rare maybe like 1 occurrence in 3-4 weeks of normal game play.

No matter how rare they are terrain that is always loaded will eventually get wrecked.

I’m going to have a look at the actual contents of the three meteor mods @SurprisingEdge identified, and see if I can figure out where they differ.

Once I’ve got a good handle on whether we need the “Dedicated” server version or not, I’ll put together a suite of proposals, and we can have a vote-off on them. One proposal each, for

  • Turn meteors off entirely
  • Leave them on but turn the rate down by mod
  • Leave them alone and lock it down in the rules
  • Turn them up
  • Turn them up to Armageddon levels

Sound good?

Haha sure, but I’m not sure the last two are necessary. :slight_smile: