Surface and Orbit Authority

Chair's Monthly Report

This topic holds the monthly reports issued by the Chair. These reports provide information about the state of the Surface and Orbit Authority, its membership, and its charter.

Latest report: March 15, 2019.

March 15th, 2019

The Chair must report on the following information once a month, as required by Article 5.2. If you believe you have located an error, please let me know.

Public Fora

Forum URL Public Since
The Surface & Orbit Authority Discourse 2019-03-15


Discourse Username Discord Username Standing Member Since
@derspiny Owen#7389 Good 2019-03-07
@SurprisingEdge SurprisingEdge#4773 Good 2019-03-08
@Woofski Good 2019-03-12


No person has a mark against them.

No person has been ejected.

No person has been permanently ejected.


Office Holder Election Status
Chair @derspiny Elected without contest on 2019-03-15


The Charter effective on this date is available at, and is included here by reference.