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Bookmark naming (attn ORE)

Hi folks!

As we’re starting to map out more of the space around Erf, the moon, Titan, Mars, and Europa, I thought it might be nice to talk about picking a common naming convention for bookmarks when we’re sharing them. I know we have at least two conventions in use right now - mine, which uses a place tag, a dash, and a description, and ORE’s, which uses an alphanumeric prefix and a human name. For example, I have

  • ERF
  • ERF SPC - Mystery Asteroid
  • VOID - Canderthal’s Last Stand

ORE, on the other hand, have bookmarks like

  • 00 Port Sol

I’d love to converge these, to make it easier to quickly read and understand a bookmark. What other ways are people labelling points in space, and why?

My convention has morphed over time. I started with a number of zeros so things could float to the top. For ores I like using the chemical notation even though I still confuse Au with Ag. Since moving to the moon I need a place prefix but that is new. If I were to start over I would name ores like you suggested with a place prefix followed by the chemical notation of what is there.

My GPS list looks insane right now.

Mine aren’t internally consistent, I’ve used two:
Thing (PlaceTag) (eg. AS1 Ice for ice on asteroid 1)
PlaceTag Thing (eg. Gold (FV) for gold near Fort Vengeance)

The first one sorts better by location, which I think makes more sense than sorting by resource. I could get behind unifying.