Surface and Orbit Authority

1.190 and space master intervention (plus a proposal idea)

Hi folks!

Last night, I updated the server to keep up with the 1.190 release and the following hotfix. Immediately afterwards, both @David_s and @Canderthal reported that they’d lost their spawn points. We never did quite track down why @David_s respawned somewhere unexpected, but we did determine that @Canderthal’s entire ship, representing multiple days of gameplay effort and resource gathering, had disappared entirely. I confirmed this through the admin tools, and I see no obvious reason that that should have happened, either in the logs or in terms of damage to the terrain.

@David_s was able to return to their spawn point and it is now behaving normally. @Canderthal opted to respawn and start over. I took the liberty of spawning them a stack of starter resources (minerals which can be refined from rocks) to help offset the sting of losing a grid to what appears to be a game bug. This is technically against the rules, which is why I mention it here.

@David_s metnioned in the stuck grids thread that some kind of “emergency mode” might be useful. I’m starting to come around to that point of view. Being able to take admin actions to correct game issues quickly, without needing to give multiple days’ advance notice, is a useful thing, and right now the only way to do that is to risk being kicked out of office for breaking the rules.

Assuming for the moment that we all want to continue with the game’s “built-in” progression, and that we don’t want an admin that arbitrarily creates new resources to allow players to get ahead, how would we feel if we loosened the continuity rules from “must give notice” to “must publish any changes immediately, and must only make changes to address game bugs”?

I do agree that I want to play on a server where the admin tools are used sparingly. I tried playing on a small server (different game) where the admin turned it into his own personal fun house. He actually created a maze… I digress. Everyone left and I don’t know if anyone told him why.

I think this would be a good start. Just having a formal process that forces the space master to justify their actions in writing will deter frivolous abuse. Paperwork is a good deterrent.